Get 90% Off with a Videoblocks Promo Code

Videoblocks, now known as Storyblocks, is a stock footage provider that offers one of the best deals in the market. They have a solid library of varied, high quality clips for all your creative needs. With over 115,000 footages available at very low prices, you can be over brilliant while under a budget. Teaming up with Stock Photo Secrets, you can save more on millions of stock videos and After Effect templates with a Videoblocks promo code.

What can you get with a promo code?

  • Access to over 115,000 HD, 4K and 4K+ clips, with new content added regularly
  • Access to the exclusive Marketplace, with over 2 million HD and 4K footage
  • 1 year of unlimited downloads for only $99 (instead of $948)
  • Use of high quality footage forever without additional fees
  • But Marketplace videos in a single purchase and save up to $30 per download

In their clean and user-friendly website, you can get 84% off the monthly price when you become a member. You’ll only have to pay $149. But, the exclusive Stock Photo Secrets deal lets you enjoy 6 percent more and save $50 more on your purchase.

How does the membership work?
As a member of the stock site, you can save in two ways – through the Member Library and the Marketplace.

  • The Member Library gives you access to content worth over $10 million for one low price subscription. You can download anything you want from the archive of studio quality HD videos, After Effects templates, motion backgrounds and many more. Everything you download is yours to keep and use forever too, because all files come with a royalty-free license.
  • The Marketplace gets you access to over 5 million additional videos, which are available for purchase directly from Videoblocks’ contributors. You can also enjoy exclusive 40% discounts on all Marketplace content. And the best thing about all these is that the artists get 100 percent of the sale price. The stock site do not take a cut, allowing you to save more while giving contributors what they deserve.

The Videoblocks promo code is great deal with multiple benefits. Once you become a member, you can enjoy unlimited downloads. You can download all stock footage from the collection and use them for as long as you want without paying for additional fees. Plus, you can purchase content from the exclusive Marketplace, where over 2 million HD and 4K clips are waiting to be discovered. You can buy them on an a la carte basis and save as much as $30 on every download.

Most of all, you can save a whopping 90% from the regular monthly price. Seize it now!

If you are looking for high quality stock footage with no download limits at an affordable price, grab our exclusive Videoblocks promo code and enjoy a whole year of unlimited video downloads. Save hundreds of dollars while enhancing your creative project. Visit and become a member. Storyblocks Videoblocks delivers great content for all creatives – even the little guys.

Get yourself a Videoblocks Promo Code Today!

Are your over brilliant but under a budget? No need to worry! Because at Videoblocks, you can save on millions of studio-quality videos, After Effect templates, and more.

Videoblocks by Storyblocks is a subscription service that caters to all your stock needs. It offers footage, background, templates and audios in high quality and affordable pricing. For an annual membership fee of $149, you can download stock media without limits. That’s 84% off of the monthly price.

With Videoblocks, you can save on footage, while helping a global community of artists. How does your membership work? The stock site offers two ways to help you save on your stock downloads: Media Library and Marketplace.

Member Library
As a member of the website, you get to enjoy these three things:

  • Unlimited Downloads

You can download anything you need from their archive. Over 115,000 studio-quality videos, After Effects templates, motion backgrounds and more are waiting to be discovered.

  • $10 Million Worth of Content

The Member Library content is valued at over $10 million. It’s all yours to download for an unbeatable price.

  • Royalty-free License
    Everything you download is yours to use forever. All files in the library come with a royalty-free license that gives you perpetual usage rights.

The Videoblocks Marketplace is great place to download your creative needs. It offers over 5 million additional videos, which can be purchased directly from the artists. Plus, a membership will give you an average of 40% discount versus competitor prices. The best thing about the stock site is they take 0% from the artists, meaning you can save more money while the contributors get 100% of the sale price.

But, do you know what it is even greater news? We got our hands on the best deal this 2018. While the stock site offers 84% discount on their membership, we give you a whopping 90% discount. That’s right! Instead of the $149 a year plan, our Videoblocks promo code lets you enjoy all the benefits of the stock site for only $99 a year.

What do you get with this Videoblocks promo code? Well, pretty much everything that the regular plan offers which include:

  • 1 year of unlimited downloads
  • Access to over 115,000 HD, 4K and 4K+ clips
  • New content, which is added regularly
  • Perpetual usage rights for a one-time fee
  • Access to the exclusive Marketplace
  • Purchase from the Marketplace and save up to $30 per download

If you want to be brilliant on a budget, grab a Videoblocks promo code. For only $99, you can download anything from the $10 million worth of content, get royalty-free license and enjoy marketplace discounts. The stock site is also adding new clips constantly, so there’s always something fresh to download. Footage in the library has been used by over 90,000 creative, including History, NBC, Discovery, and National Geographic.

What are you waiting for? Visit Storyblocks Videoblocks now! Enjoy super low prices (almost as good as downloading stock for free) and unlimited downloads. Become a member of the stock site and start your story today!





Three Things to Consider when Choosing Music for a Video

Unless you are both a musician and videographer, you will need to resource your music elsewhere. You can get them in the Internet or from a stock music agency. But, we most recommend the latter to avoid copyright issues in the future. Before choosing music for a video, here are three things you need to consider:

  • Lyrics
    Lyrics can be used effectively in the storytelling aspect of your video. However, you need to make sure that it does not distract your audience. If you are doing a voiceover, we recommend skipping music with lyrics and sticking to high quality sounds. By mixing two elements – voice and lyrics – your audience can get distracted, therefore failing to convey the right message or emotion.
  • Type of instruments
    Real and organic instrumentations just sound way better than their digitized versions. Digital sounds sound corny and cheap, and that is what you should avoid. Plus, instrumentation also contributes to effectively conveying your message to your target audience. They help create the sensation of a particular setting that you are describing in your video.
  • Genre
    When choosing the genre of your music, keep in mind your audience and the nature of your business. If you are not sure who you are going to present to, choose a common music. If a particular music invokes the mood of your video, use it. If not, go with the general sound.

Including music for a video is not an easy task. If you want to make an efficient music for video, you need to choose the right one. Make sure that your choice will affect your business in a positive way. Consider these given points before starting with your project. Use music from Shutterstock Music to make sure you are getting only high quality and licensed tracks.