Five Point 0

     2012 Bay Area Band of the Year

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Events Calendar

                                            April 2014 

April 4th                                 Cache Creek                Brooks Ca

April 5th                                 Cache Creek                Brooks Ca

April 18th                                7 Mile House                Brisbane Ca

                                             May 2014

May 16th                                7 Mile House                Brisbane  Ca

May 24th                                Private Party              San Francisco Ca

                                             June 2014

June 14th                                Dimitri's                     Suisun Ca

June 20th                                7 Mile House              Brisbane Ca

                                             July 2014

July 13th                            Brentwood Harvest Fest    Brentwood Ca

July 18th                                 7 Mile House              Brisbane Ca

July 25th                                 Yoshis( 10pm)            Oakland

July 26th                                 Wedding                    Carmel Ca

                                             August 2014

August 15th                             7 Mile House               Brisbane Ca

                                             September 2014          Atherton Ca

September 13th                     Alpha kappa Alpha

                                           Sorority Benefit

September 19th                        Cache Creek               Brooks Ca

September 20th (w/Isley Bros)     Cache Creek               Brooks Ca

                                              October 2014

October 17th                            7 Mile House               Brisbane Ca

                                             November 2014

November 15th                         AWS Dance                 San Francisco Ca

November 21st                         7 Mile House                Brisbane Ca

                                             December 2014

December 6th                           Private Party               TBD